Computer Repair in Towson

Our company provides you an exceptional repair service for a flat labor rate plus the cost of the parts. We do not like to trick you into any "hidden costs". First, our experts will diagnose your PC problem. Once we diagnose it, and if there are any problems found, we have a proper procedure to repair your computer. We specialize in hardware, software, operating system, data recovery, network, and many other service areas. We make sure that you get best solution for your computer.

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Computer Repair in Towson - Services

Computer Repair

Is your computer not working because your hard drive is broken? Getting a blue screen or a message which you have no idea of?

Virus Removal

Is your computer running slow? Are you tired of popups coming in your face and you not able to do what you opened your computer for?

Cracked Laptop Screen Repair

Did your kid drop your laptop? Or did you? Have a broken screen? Laptop with a broken screen is good for nothing. We can fix your screen and not charge you a fortune for that!

DC Jack Repair

Is your Laptop not charging? You already tried different chargers? There is a high probability that your DC Jack is broken.

Mac Repair

Repairing Mac and Mac parts in Maryland, we have extensive experience repairing a wide variety of Macs ranging from MacBook Pro to MacBook Air.

Hard Drive Data Recovery

Data recovery is very crucial. Imagine, you were working very hard on a project, just to find out that all the data just got corrupted and you lost all your precious data


Computer Repair in Towson - Service Areas

Our experts have been working with clients as one of the best Maryland computer repair shop. We service in the Baltimore area, Towson Area and Lutherville - Timonium area. We do computer repair for students in John Hopkins University and Towson University. We speak 4 languages: English, Spanish, Computer and non computer (Se habla espaƱol). We specialize in Computer Repair in Towson, PC Repair in Towson, Cracked Laptop screen repair in Towson, Virus removal in Towson, Macbook Repair in Towson, MAC Repair in Towson and DC Jack Repair in Towson. We are dedicated to serving the public in its computer needs. Our core business is repairing computers, laptops, and Apple Products. That is what we do every day. but we always try to do the right thing for our clients interests. Check our our Frequently Asked Questions for any questions you might have.

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Towson Computer Repair - TESTIMONIALS

Very pleased with my experience at Towson Computer Repair. My computer broke down and I didn't have money to buy a brand new one and had to fix the one I had. Even for that my budget was rather limited. Towson employees worked with me and figured out a solution for me at the right price. They fixed it really quickly and my computer has been running great ever since. I'm forever grateful to them, they literally saved me (and my computer!).

January 22, 2015 Jessica Novak-Google Review

I had an amazing experience with Towson Computer Repair. They were extremely friendly and understanding. I would definitely go back if I broke my computer again and would recommend anyone to go to them. I'm so glad to have a working computer again!! Thank you so much. As a college student who needs to computer programs on a daily basis, I was dying without a computer. Thanks to Dee and Singh I got my computer back and couldn't be happier. Their actions will not be forgotten and I hope more people get to experience their fantastic service.

For full list of happy customers, see our Testimonials page.