4 Reasons Your PC Is Running Slow

A computer is an incredible sensitive tool but as time goes by, it just gets slower and slower. It’s a really annoying thing to try and work on a slow computer. Sometimes we just need to get things done, but the computer just doesn’t want to move, but why? Why is it just getting progressively slower as you stand by and watch?

Is it dirty on the inside? Is it just getting old parts and as such it doesn’t work as well as it did anymore? Well, there might be a number of reasons why you PC is just not working as fast anymore, so we gathered 5 for you to take control again.

1 – Registry issues – As you use your PC regularly you create a bigger log on the Windows registry. This registry will, in time, be filled up with corrupted or invalid entries. Don’t worry, it’s not your fault, it’s just the way it is. This can lead to computer freezes, slow performance and even error messages. The good news is that it’s easy to fix. Registry cleaning software can be used in some cases, while in others the hands of an expert are required. But fear not, we’re here for your computer repair needs in Towson.

2 – Viruses – You’d think with all the advances we have managed to get in cyber security, viruses would stop being an issue. Well, they did and they didn’t. They did because most viruses people can create are just obliterated by your average anti-virus software, but when experts start creating viruses, they can get control of large amounts of personal information. They usually run on the background without you even knowing it, so they’ll make your PC slower while they run.

3 – Startup programs – Some programs you get out there want to be used time and time again. Most of them decide to launch at startup. A these programs accumulate, your PC will have a very tough time launching all of those programs as well as keeping them open while you do your everyday tasks. All you need to do is just limit these programs and cut them off, so your PC runs faster! Unlike such programs, the blog https://angspro.wordpress.com does not affect your computer.

4 – Disk fragmentation – As you use your PC daily, some files end up being scattered across your hard drive. It’s a natural thing to happen, but it will make your PC run slower because it needs to search for files that are pretty much everywhere. Windows does offer an in-built tool to fix the issue, but it takes a few hours to run.

If all this fails and your PC is still running slow, don’t worry. You can count on our services when it comes to computer repair in Towson, we’ll make sure your machine works as fast as it can. Call us now 443-499-3491!