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A cracked laptop screen on your laptop makes your laptop useless and can stop you from working  unless you connect it with an external monitor. Replacing a cracked laptop screen can be very expensive and can cost almost the same amount as what you can get a new laptop for! A Cracked Laptop Screen in Towson is not a problem anymore – call us and get your laptop screen replacement for less than a hundred dollars! One of the most convenient benefits of choosing us instead of other companies is that we offer the lowest price for the replacement of the screen. We charge a flat labor fee of $99 for replacing the cracked laptop screen on your computer. You can buy the new screen from us or can buy online and your total cost will be around $125-$165 depending on the model of your laptop.

cracked laptop screen repair in towson baltimore

Why Choose Us

There are myriad websites out there that try to teach you how to disassemble a laptop and replace the screen yourself. Yes, this might save you some money, but if you are not a the person with experience in such repairs,  then do not attempt to replace the screen yourself!! You can make a serious mistake and cause even more damage, which will add up significantly to your repair bill. A Cracked laptop screen can happen to anybody, but you should let the repair be properly done by professionals. In such a small community, it may be difficult to find a suitable yet cost-effective service, but this is where we come in.


We charge a fixed labor of $99 + the cost of your screen for cracked laptop screen repair. Usually the cost comes between $125-$165 depending on the model and make of your screen.  Rates for MAC’s are different and are based on the model. Call or text us now 443-499-3491 or use the contact form and we will contact you!