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When Do You Need a DC Jack Repair?

In appliances such as a laptop computer, the DC power jack is the connector in which you would connect the device to the power adapter. Since this is a very tiny part, it often consumes a whole lot of stress in order to push in and pull out the plug in various angles.

When the DC jack becomes broken or loose, your laptop will no longer be able to receive good power connection. You may find that the plug may be wiggled causing your laptop to lose power in specific directions. It may further cause damage to the motherboard due to the heat that is created by poor connection on the board. Before you experience all these troubles, we at Towson Computer Repair will surely be able to help you out.


Need DC Jack Repair?

At this point, instead of giving up on your laptop, you need DC Jack Repair. Our professional technicians will work on soldering the DC Jack to the motherboard of your laptop. In most cases, this is possible, however, in some cases; the consistent wiggling may have already damaged the inner parts of the DC jack. We would recommend that a new DC jack be attached to your laptop’s motherboard instead of trying hard to solder back the old DJ jack, which may have been damaged already.

Repairing and replacement of the DC power jack should not just be done by yourself as you may just end up causing more problems to the motherboard of your laptop. It should only be done by one of our DC Jack Repair professionals. This is a specialty service that requires our technicians who are skilled in soldering and desoldering of PC boards. This is quite an intricate process that even some manufacturers do not want to deal with this type of replacement. They would simply want to replace the motherboard of the laptop right away. However, this can be a very expensive option. A DC Jack Repair is a better alternative in this case.

The Signs

How do you know that you already need a DC Jack Repair? Well, there are common symptoms that can help you identify the need. For instance, if you notice that the computer is already plugged in but is not charging, it may be a problem with the DC Jack already. This also goes the same way if you try to wiggle the power adapter and the computer just go down to not getting power at all.

Also, if you plug your battery throughout the night and you wake up the next morning with the computer not charged still, it might be an indication that the jack inside the computer has been damaged or loosen out. In order to fix this, try not to attempt doing it on your own especially if you are not qualified as it will only lead to further damage. Seek the assistance of our DC Jack Repair technicians at Towson Computer Repair.


Towson Computer Repair charges a flat fee of $99 to repair DC Jack of most laptops. We will deliver the laptop back to you in 1-3 business days. If there is an urgency then we charge a fee of $20 and we can deliver it to you the same day or the next business day.

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