Name: Lex Lee

Date: February 19 ,2015
I had an amazing experience with Towson Computer Repair. They were extremely friendly and understanding. I would definitely go back if I broke my computer again and would recommend anyone to go to them. I’m so glad to have a working computer again!! Thank you so much. As a college student who needs to computer programs on a daily basis, I was dying without a computer. Thanks to Dee and Singh I got my computer back and couldn’t be happier. Their actions will not be forgotten and I hope more people get to experience their fantastic service.

Name: Basem Sakla

Date: January 31 ,2015
Excellent, timely service and far cheaper than Geek Squad. I wanted to change the hard drive completely but they diagnosed and found this was not necessary. Cost me a fraction of what it would cost at Geek Squad. Highly Recommend!

Name: Jessica Novak
Date: January 22,2015
Very pleased with my experience at Towson Computer Repair. My computer broke down and I didn’t have money to buy a brand new one and had to fix the one I had. Even for that my budget was rather limited. Towson employees worked with me and figured out a solution for me at the right price. They fixed it really quickly and my computer has been running great ever since. I’m forever grateful to them, they literally saved me (and my computer!).

Name: Varun Anand
Date: January 20,2015
These guys are super awesome. My dell laptop crashed one day and I requested my friend to give me pointers for a good computer repair shop. They headed me to Towson computer repair shop. I talked to them and they were very supportive. I told them that I need it back in 3-4 days and to my surprise I got my laptop back within 2 days and it was working even better than previously. Now its been 2 months and I have not found any issues till now. I will recommend them anytime anyday.

Name: IScorp Corporation
Date: January 17,2015
Fixed hardware and software problems on my computer for an extremely reasonable price. The guy who worked on my computer was very nice, explaining what was wrong, how he fixed it, and giving me tips on how to improve performance on my old laptop.

Name: Prince
Date: Dec 12, 2014
Great customer service!  Thanks a lot Dee! You save me $400 as I was planning to buy a new computer!

Name: Kiran
Date: Dec 15,2014
The employees are really friendly and repairs are super fast. I have visited Towson Computer Repair, numerous times and they never cease to amaze me with the quality of service i receive. Dee, has helped me at various times. The estimates are very accurate and reasonable compared to other competitors and squads out there. I highly recommend Towson Computer repair for all your computer hardware and software needs.